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Hi guys,

New to the site and was wonedring if a few Macan owners could give me a little feedback on their ownership and any issues. I am looking at purchasing a second hand macan as soon as i find the right one for me and my budget. 

Thanks in advance.


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38 minutes ago, jarmo said:

Hi, Thanks for replying, just wondering if any of the older models had any issues and if there was a beter year than others with upgrades etc. Thanks.

No worries. 

I'd say the better model year to shop for is the MY17 which started being built mid 2016, they had a bit more standard equipment in them (this varies on the grade) and the PCM (Porsche Communication Management) system went from PCM 3.0 to PCM 4.0, version 4 has the option of Apple Car play too, but overall larger screen and nicer interface IMO. 

As for issues, they are pretty robust, but the few common issues in my experience are:  

  • timing case seals leak, which they usually do under warranty 
  • rear diff bushes - again usually done under warranty (but gave no symptoms)
  • transfer case - the centre diff can fail which causes a shudder in the drivetrain at low speeds, again replacement under warranty, it seems to be common in lower mile cars that have mainly done around town driving versus higher mile cars that do a lot of freeway miles 
  • Tyres & brakes last around 40k ~

These ^^ are for petrol V6 both 3.0 & 3.6 I have no experience with diesel or I4 variants, although if you're looking at older ones, I am guessing the V6 is what you'll end up with. 

Other than that, great car... the best all round Porsche you can buy IMO, I would strongly advocate getting a certified pre-owned with warranty or if you buy private used, one with warranty... it is in my experience the best warranty on any car I have had, I have never had to request repairs, but rather the dealership tells me what they want to do to keep the car in good order, it really pays for itself. 

Good luck 


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I don't think you can go far wrong if you find one with a proper service history and has been well cared for.  Check that any recalls have been carried out - there are several.  I've had mine (MY 14/15) for about 18 months with no issues and bought it because there were no endemic problems reported for these models.  There are some approaching 200K now with no reported serious issues.

If tech wizardry is important to you (it's not to me - I turn most of it off anyway), then take Edgy's advice and go for a MY17 model but there's little mechanical or styling difference until the later (MY19?) version.  If roof rails are important to you, make sure they're installed as they cannot be retrofitted.  Mine has 19" wheels which I find to be very comfortable.  I have a friend with one for which he spec'd 21" wheels - he regrets that choice!  If you want to tow something, make sure you get the factory tow bar fitted if it does not have one.  The factory tow system is a class piece of gear.

I recently drove a new 2L model.  They go well enough but are noticeably harsher and more 'thrashy' than the V6.  As Edgy says, it's a great all rounder  and you won't be disappointed..

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On 19/02/2021 at 12:20, bumble said:

If you want to tow something, make sure you get the factory tow bar fitted if it does not have one.  The factory tow system is a class piece of gear.

Actually, this is a golden piece of advice, the OEM tow pack didnt come out till around late 2015 to early 2016 (factory fitted option, there's a thread here somewhere), as really early on there was not a means of fitting a factory hitch as the Euro ones didnt comply here, so prior to that they put a Q5 kit on and put it this way, you can tell... 

22 hours ago, jarmo said:

Thank you both for the feedback, now its just a case of finding myself one. If anyone has one they have considered selling they can text me on 040 888 6879. ( hope this is alowed) thanks jarmo.

Pending some life decision, I am toying with the idea of selling my Turbo... get in touch if its of interest. 

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