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Calling any 968 owner in Melbourne area..!


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I am in the process of getting our imported 968 through the VASS compliance and registered in time for Luftwasser. Its a LHD car we brought with us as part of our move from Denmark, and the car passed the compliance requirements except for the headlights which needs to be changed to RHD.
New headlights have been ordered, but there is a 10 day delivery time from Europe, and the engineer cannot sign off the VASS document until the headlights have been changed.
So I know this is an unusual request and chances are slim, but should there be a 968 owner who will lend me his headlights for a day or two, just for the VASS re-inspection, so I can get the paperwork and registration progressed and hopefully make it to Luftwasser.. 🙂
Thanks in advance..


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