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996 Wobbly Accelerator Pedal


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Hi all,

My 1999 996.1 accelerator pedal is starting to wobble from left to right to the extent where it is annoying.


Has anyone fitted the Rennline gas pedal hinge? https://www.rennline.com/Rennline-Billet-Gas-Pedal-Hinge/productinfo/P76/

Are there better solutions out there? I am happy with the position of the pedals, so I don't feel I really need to look at replacing them all with https://www.rennline.com/Pedals-Fully-Adjustable/products/1127/
The Numeric pedals also looked interesting as they didn't require any drilling, https://store.numericracing.com/collections/986-996-pedals/products/performance-pedal-sets-986-996-pre-order , however seem overly expensive considering it is only the hinge that is bothering me. Also, I am not sure if the Numeric pedals are available in RHD.

Grateful for thoughts if anyone has done this mod.




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You'll need to check out whether your car is definitely a cable unit or FBW, and then clarify if the sets you're looking at are RHD compatible.  I'd personally probably just go with OEM (but my car is stock everywhere).

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