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992 Leather or no leather


992 Carrera Interior Option  

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  1. 1. What leather interior options would you choose?

    • Standard Interior / Partial Leather seats 14 way $0
    • Standard interior / Leather Seats front 4 way $0
    • Leather package / partial leather or leather seats (dash / top of doors) $5250
    • Leather Interior / Leather seats (14 way seats) $8350
    • Club Leather $11350
    • Sports Tex (4way seats) $8350

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  • Poll closed on 09/11/21 at 13:00

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Not sure what the difference is between leather and club. So being uninformed on the matter I went for the cheaper of the two.

Options pricing here is a joke. If they ever allow parallel imports the price of a new P-car will drop by a third.

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Sat in a 992 in the dealer last weekend, the 'standard' leather feels 'not great' to me -  even compared to the leather in my Macan it seems like a step down.  Playing on the configurator earlier this week (dreaming of a new Targa GTS) I notice the options mention 'smooth leather' so I'm keen to see this myself.

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