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Advice & Help used Porsche Macan

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Hey guys, I'm new here. I hope my questions aren't too rookie. ūüėŹ

I am looking to upgrade from my current Lexus sedan to the Porsche Macan. a $60-70K used car is a massive deal for me, so any hel is appreciated.

There is a new model coming out later this year which I hope will add more stock tot eh used car rotation. ūü§ě.

Budget is $75K drive away MAX...$70K would be better. I'm not interested in cars speed etc, which I know makes me at odds for a Porsche owner. Sunroof, seat heating AND ventilation would be amazing. Everything else is a bonus. Apparently people don't buy seat ventilation as an option? Used car lady told me that. Would you suggest the Porsche approved? the extended warranties for $1,000 a year?

Should i consider a car over 100K kms in mileage to get a newer model? or is that risky and should i stick with lower km's at expense of age...?

Are there any year/models around my price point to watch for? good or bad?

Something which could work against me or for me, is the bank will value the car and being a novated lease, full purchase price is financed, so any cars being sold for more than they are "worth" might get rejected. I view that as a positive i guess because what can you do?

I think that covers it. Any thoughts would be great. for my budget i have looked at Mercedes (brand new) for a GLA and nothing i "like" but im terrified of buying a lemon...help !!! :)

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We bought a 2016 Macan S Diesel about four months ago to go with the Boxster. Great car and the diesel is very economical - we regularly see below 7Kms/100L on the mostly country driving we do. 

I looked at numerous Macans and found that the optional extras didn't significantly add to the cost and we were able to get exactly what we wanted, which ended up being 32,000Kms for $72K in a private sale. If specified on a new vehicle, the optional extras added up to $22K! Car has heated front seats, panorama sunroof, 21" wheels, paint treatment, PASM, Porsche roof rack pack (unused), logo delete, floor and boot mats, carbon sideblade door inserts,  etc. Only thing we would have liked was the tow pack, but you can't get everything.

Surprising feature on this model is the "free-wheel" mode it goes into when you take your foot off the accelerator - a bit unusual at first but it makes you drive it more like a manual and on down hill sections it accelerates somewhat, so either use cruise control, change down on the floppy levers, or engage sport mode which turns this feature off.

The Jukebox in the stereo is a bit clunky to use but you get used to it - it stores music alphabetically and not as per the order of songs on a CD. Found you can re-order the songs into the correct sequence by editing the MP3 data tags and adding 01, 02, 03 etc in front of the song's name to overcome this.

Servicing with a good independent is not that expensive either - we just did the intermediate service at a cost of $370 plus parts which we supplied ex Autohaus Hamilton.

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Ventilated seats is a rare option in our market compared to others. At $70-$75k you'd be looking at a base model or S model.  

There was a refresh for the 2017 model year then a bigger change 2019 onwards, then yet again for the 2022 model year. 

Big ticket potential issues: https://www.pcarwise.com/local-help/porsche-common-problems/porsche-macan-common-problems/

In the next few years Porsche will probably be electrifying the range, starting with the turbo model, and might change name too.

As for bank valuations - they want you in debt to them paying interest so as long as you are in a good position to cover the loan I don't think there will be major issues.

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Great cars, have 5+ years with mine. 

Yes, ventilated seats are rarely optioned, because it is a a circa $2k option when new, and as you can see from @42 South reply, cents in the dollar on options when it comes to resale,  they merely make one example to the next more or less attractive depending on the buyer... but in my book its one of the best for our climate, great in summer! The factory warranty is great for these cars, considering how complex they are, you dont want to be the one stroking the cheque for the repairs outside of warranty. 

I'd say the MY17 cars onward are the ones to buy, particularly since they got the PCM 4.0 

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