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G series parts and other doo dads ..tangent awakens


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I’ll keep adding to the list as I make discovery 

send info to phone zero 477 nine 01 911f

front screen - heated preferred

rear screen - polycarbonate ok 

rear side glass - polycarbonate

 duktail/engine lid - found one in a shed . MINE 

bonnet  modded  to suit through hood filler 

Through hood   filler kit - bowl neck etc 

Wiring loom 

brakes - upgrade front rear preferring to avoid 17” rims  , but won’t say no to a good brake set up due to a wheel sizing dilemma - can be Boxster can be .. if you got something  of interest plz yodel 

Big tank 

induction - carbies  or ITB’s . Tell me what you got 

Fuse box blade style  

Rubber kit 

suspension /steering - bump steer kit , mono balls , poly bronze , sport hardness rubber  , camber plates , and all the tasty Widgets  and doo dads - ERP , tarret , rebel  I’m non-denominational 

Let me know what you got 

ask  here first before I start placing orders 

send info to phone zero 477 nine 01 911f

Thx gents 


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On 25/08/2022 at 15:26, rafikdous said:

Don't know Michael, the last line of his ad mentions Melbour e"Pick up only from the Southeast of Melbourne in a few weeks if sold. Price is $450AUD."

May have misread . 

anyhoo walked into the shed and had forgotten I had a glass lid/duk hanging off one of the trusses 

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