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Singer pricing

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Has anyone placed an order with zagama in Australia for a singer restoration?

I'm not 100% sure but I've heard the pricing for a Classic Reso is $600k USD.

FOR A TURBO Reso it's $1.9 million USD

And there is one more category which is $800k USD I Think

Does this pricing sound right or way off?

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That’s about right but it’s a huge option list so varies 

classic was about $600 but all slots gone

dls was about $1.9 but long sold out 

turbo study ( the ongoing model) is about $800


plus cost of the donor car , plus taxes on the value of the resto work on import .

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Yes , you source the donor car ( or with help from zagame ) from here ( though it can be an import and that’s most cost effective way as the pull the thing apart anyway )


you in effect send it out to USA for customisation , the big difference to singers demand here was a ruling from ATO that in effect you just paid gst on the value of that work rather than gst and lct on value of the completed car ( big difference )

I was told a few weeks ago that 40+ orders have been placed from Australia now .

personally I have concerns that this is something I’ve seen before in the watch world from Patek Phillipe with their grand complications …. They had a huge secondary market with a big premium and they wanted a share of that market , so they introduced a new replacement model with higher price AND stepped up production … and the market fell flat on it’s face , took them 4-5 years to get it steady again ….


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