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F.D. Motorsports Shift Rods


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hi guys, having just installed F.D. motorsports platinum Shift rod and forward control rod to my car I cannot believe the difference they have made to the gearchange. It feels like the lever is sticking straight out of the top of the box instead of being connected by some old electrical wires, duct tape,and hope.

these rods are suitable for 964/993 and are the best value for money modification I have seen.

see link http://www.fdmotorsports.net/

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Good stuff Steve, always nice to hear a story modification success, especially when it is great value for money!

I installed a new PSJ and WEVO short shifter unit to IGY's 915 box a couple of years ago and was also pleasantly surprised at how much better it felt afterwards. Heaps more defined gear selections, especially on the track.

Mine looks like this...



and the coupling...


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