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996 Cab roof system repair


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Hi all,

I’ve posted before about my 996 Cab roof. Thanks for your help SLKNV.

I’ve now realized that I’ll need to take it to a cab roof repairer, I did have my auto electrician look at it but no luck.

Can anyone suggest a competent guy to look at it in Melbourne??

Thanks in advance

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Hi Tips,

My auto elec did a re-calibration, no luck.

Just a quick run through on the issues:

1- the roof had a ram leak, so I had them re-done and I fitted them. After some minor hiccups the roof worked OK.

2- second problem, which was the front lock at the windscreen would cycle through, close/open/close/open. It wouldn't allow the windows to come up at the end of the cycle.

3- I found an auto electrician with skills in cab roofs through my Porsche mechanic, he had a look, after a few tries ended up fixing the front lock but then the roof wouldn't open at all. He did a number of recalibrations but to no avail. He though it might be the ICU, he borrowed one and put it in, again no change. 

4- I took the car back as he had no time to spend on it as he was booked out. He suggested taking it to a Porsche dealer but I thought if I could find an expert in Melbourne, I try them first.

That's where its at now. 

Any help would be appreciated.



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So you still haven't been to a Porsche Centre Service Dept?  Do that next...  You may find that you could have had it fixed much cheaper and quicker in the first place than all the mucking about that you've ended up with by avoiding the dealer.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all for DIY and independent mechanics but sometimes the fiddly non-standard stuff is best dealt with by Porsche.

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