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FVD Brombacher 964 Sport End Muffler

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Beautifully made secondary muffler, produced by M&M for FVD. Workmanship, welds etc are stunning. Muffler is in great condition and still carries its shine. This muffler sounds perfect when paired with a cup pipe (primary muffler delete) as it retains the raspy air cooled 911 note. The volume increase is actually not substantial so it retains street-appropriate volume levels. But when you get on it, that's where the differences become more apparent. It really comes alive at WOT and, when cruising there is absolutely no drone.
FVD say:
"This muffler produces a glorious flat six race car with low deep tones that reminds us of the 964 cup. It is manufactured in Germany by m&m exhaust, gmbh. This muffler is ideal for anyone who wants a lower deeper tone with more decibels, whether they are just replacing the side muffler or are running cat bypass, sport cats or a cup pipe. + 14 hp (10 kw) & + 15 tq (20 nm) gain. - 2 3/4 tubing (70mm). - weighs 13.8 lbs (6.3 kg) - German v2a - x5crni18-10 - 1.4301 stainless steel for improved durability. - absolutely no drone in the cabin. - does not interfere with emissions."







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