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Guys need some help, I have an 85 Carrera with a standard exhaust system, i got an EPA letter a few weeks back saying the car was excessively noisy. Porsche Brighton inspected the car, said it had a standard system that had not been tampered with etc sent that to EPA and they said bad luck needs to be tested.

My question will it pass? Has to be under 90db

Have any of you guys with same car had yours tested?

Are there any Porsche friendly testers??

Need help urgently


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Hi Josh,

I would be amazed if your standard exhaust registered above 90db. I dont know any testers but I get my car service by Calvin at Jocaro in Braeside. He is pretty clued up and it might be worth giving him a call and having a talk to him.

His phone number is 9587 5664

Tell him Chris Perry suggested you call him and I am sure he will be able to give you some advice.



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had this problem years ago at hamiltons

unfortunatly the "excess" noise is actually engine noise

we had to put a lead wall across the back of the car with an outlet for the exhaust to isolate it's noise,so it could be measured

which proved conclusively that the car was legit

even with this proof the epa were still very reluctant to pass it

it was a shit fight.

good luck

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Glad to hear your problem has been resolved Josh.

I had a slightly different story, with a different (but eventually satisfactory) outcome.

My GT3 originally had a Starr Performance exhaust fitted and it was, well, loud. I got an infringement notice and started the rectification process. I had the muffler baffles re-packed with some sort of glass fibres, and got the car re-tested, and it was still some 20db over the limit. Oops.

I still had the standard system, so that went back on and during the drive to the test facility the car sounded boringly quiet. And it then tested at least 10db OVER the limit. Aarrgghh. From memory, the testing process (according to the EPA manual) was to run the engine at 7,000 RPM and measure 15 inches from the exhaust outlet!!! No wonder it was measuring loud. I wish I had known of jnr356's approach about the lead wall protecting the engine noise from the microphone.

The licensed EPA tester (Fast Fit Mufflers in Mornington, thanks Robert!) was satisfied that the exhaust was in fact standard, and he sent a detailed fax of the testing levels and exhaust part numbers to the EPA and I eventually got the notice cleared.

This issue can be a minefield.

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....and we have the winner right here ^

Fancy seeing you here :)

The problem with epa testing in vic is that no proof is needed in order to submit a car for testing..... Even in a stock car if a cop doesnt like you they can epa you (either full or just noise) in which case you need to pay to test and pass a stock exhaust......

you guys should be thankful that you dont drive a jap import....

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