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Battery Maintainer

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Looks like the Battery in my GT2 dropped a plate. Put the battery on trickle charge for 5 days still no go. Looks like a visit to Porsche Brighton for a new battery on Monday. Can anyone recommend a good Battery maintainer?

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Hi Mark,

Yep I have had that problem in the past and got Ann to buy me a C-teak charger for Christmas last year.attached it to the wall in the garage and it has wiring that remains attached to the battery permanently with a male/female plug the you just unplug when you want to drive the car. I was told that it is the only one that is actually approved by Porsche but don't know how true that is. It works very well and has solved my flat battery problems.

By the way sorry I haven't called this week, it's been a bit hectic! Anyway we must catch up soon!



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Thanks to Chris, I have also purchased an 8 step C-Tek trickle charger to make sure there are no more cases of flat battery. The unit looks excellent as you just clip it in line and away you go.

Just wondering if anyone that has one can comment:

- for a standard battery, would the caps / plugs need to be removed during charge? (I'm a bit worried about paint damage if the caps are off)

- I am hoping it would be OK to leave caps on and have the charger closed in the hood. These chargers don't have any vents and they say moisture or even rain doesn't cause issues. Any thoughts?

Whilst I'm at it; anyone know what the CCA should be for a 3.2? Current battery is 550 and I am thinking of getting a new one.



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For those interested, contacted C-Tek in Sweden and they confirmed:

  • no need to remove cell caps or plugs during charging
  • charger can operate in a closed hood :)
  • charger is splash proof, so a little rain is OK

Funny enough, they also stated "submersing the charger in water is not recomended" :wacko:

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