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993, or 996?

Stanley James

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Collector status often depends on the history of the individual car. Rarity enhances collectability.IMHO 993 is more collectable, but so is a pristine MK1 996 GT3. I'd go for the limited edition cars or RS/GT models. If price is an indicator early 356s, 73 911RS and RSR, then 964RS and RSR stand out to me. And if you can get one a 959 or Carrera GT. Sure there will be more opinions.


Paul M

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Hi Stanley,

I am a 996 owner but for collectability definately a 993. Far fewer made, last of the air cooled old world 911. If i were shopping based on collectability I would be looking for manual trans and if dollars permit 'S' or '4S' models the pick.


Andy S

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