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I seem to remember reading an article 20 or so years ago that stated that the 917 would accelerate to 100 mph and come to rest again in 6 seconds.I find that staggering for anytime let alone 40 years ago

The 918 might not be a bad bit of kit to have a run in. Certainly looks pretty good.

Maybe David with the 997 GT3 RS will place an order for one and we can all go for a spin in it on one of our Forum runs.

It wont scare the wildlife that's for sure.


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Hey Guys,

I had the chance to get up close and personal with the 918 RSR two weeks ago in Qatar. What an amazing vehicle. Here is pick of me sticking my head into the cabin!


And here is a link to my write up, along with a whole bunch of other images. I also bumped into Mathias Mueller - literally! I had to bleat out: "Entschuldigung!"


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