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Tire Recommendation?

Greg 2

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Hi there.

I'm no expert, but I was also looking at new tyres recently and most people recomended Yokohama for Porsche. Saying that, I ended up buying a set of Michelin's NEW Pilot Sport 3 (PS3). The tyres are great for all round driving; however, I have noticed an issue as the side wall tends to be rounded, and although I have chosen the correct tyre sizes, it's rubbing on the chassis in the wheel arch at full lock. Check to make sure the side wall is relatively flat on whatever you go with.

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Hi there Afterburner

I have the Toyo T1R's all round on a 90' Carrera.

I find the tyre to handle incredibly well in the wet and to also be quiet with very little road noise.

The Toyo's were fairly affordable at about $200 a piece fitted and balanced at my local Tyrepower plus the tyres are available in the correct width and profile sizes to suit the 911 requirements.

I can highly recommend the tyre ;)


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Hi Afterburner

I cant remember the cost of the wheel alignment, not expensive though.

The wheel alignment machine at the Hastings T'power is a laser 'Brombacher'. Apparently the same as what Porsche use.

The man there had the info on file for the correct alignment settings for Porsche 911.

Tell the staff not to use the rattle gun but to please tighten by hand when tightening the wheel nuts.


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I currently have 205/55/16 on the front and 225/50/16 on the rear!



Hey Greg, did you sort them out yet?

I got a quote from Tyrepower:

205 55 16 - $209.00

245 45 16 - $289.00

I'm going to grab them but get Nine Plus to mount and do an alignment for me.


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