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Anyone having similar issues and found solutions?


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Hi All,

I was thinking about a few little things that have frustrated me on my 3.2 and wondered if anyone else had experienced the same problems and found a solution:

1) I think it's the rollers in the window tracks rattling when the window is about 50mm down. They are fine fully up or fully down and look like they are aligned properly. I was thinking of maybe heavy grease along the tracks to provide some dampening. With a flick of the window switch, I can get them to stop as pressure is applied.

2) When she's parked in moderate rain, passenger side leaks a little water on the side of the foot well. Driver’s side is much worse and carpets can get soaked if it rains heavy for 1 hr. I had the mechanic check and he blew compressed air down the drain holes in the sunroof, still an issue. I was thinking of trying flexible wire down the sunroof holes as I can't see any other entry points.

3) Door handles feel like they might break completely off some days when opening from the inside, although they never have.

4) Fan for fresh air doesn't increase in speed slowly, just contacts at a few spots and provides moderate or flat out speed, no fine control / slow increase. There is also sometimes a very annoying squeaking sound coming from the fan, probably a worn spot where the fan pivots?

5) Do all models in the era have a delay in dropping engine revs when idling and you give it a little rev? I suppose I notice it mostly when coming to a stop in traffic. The revs might be a little high when transferring to the brake and they take a second or two to idle down to normal speed. Maybe it's just Porsche; it's definitely not like a standard family car.

She's still a great car to drive and I would be even happier if I could get these small things sorted.



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Hi Peter, two ideas - for 2) you won't like this one - but if it's not the sunroof drains, it could be that the lower windscreen corners are rusted out, that will bring water straight into the footwells See if you can look under the windscreen rubber (gently does it) or if your rubber is old and cracked it lets water in. The only way to really tell is to take the screen out, not a hard repair if it is caught early. So if your windscreen is old, kill 2 birds and claim the free screen and new rubber on your insurance (if covered - mine is with Shannon's and the installer just billed them direct) Rubbers available from Nine Spares (Performance 9)in Derrimut for about $120. Don't bend the windscreen key - much more expensive, get an installer to take out and refit unless you've done it before. My local guy does the Carrera Cup cars and had the screen out in 30 secs and reinstalled the new screen in half an hour.

for 3) a bit of lubricant on the fittings to smooth out?? probably won't break but they are 36 yrs old.and 5)two areas to check, carpet/underfelt build up in the accelerator pedal spring - cut away and clear out or throttle return springs in the engine bay and I might as well have a crack at 4) the fan housing needs needs a clean out and brush up the contacts on the dash controller.

Ok over to anyone else.


Paul M.

PS: Pelican Parts forum - technical, and 101 Projects for your Porsche 911 by Wayne Dempsey covers these issues and is worth consulting.

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1.grease the rails,also check if the felt inner scrapers are still there

2.windscreen seal leak

3.inner cables probably seized up also lube mechanisms

4.fresh air fan motor stuffed,usually corroded

5.yes ,the valve behind the butterfly housing,it is adjustable

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I think I've finally solved my elusive water leak issue :) :

- purged sunroof & door drain holes.....................................no improvement

- new squeegee seals where window slides past door..........no improvement

- new windscreen rubber and fitted new windscreen.............no improvement

- new felt seals around the top of the door............................no improvement

- new door rubbers that go all around the door.....................no improvement

- re-upholstered door trim edging to clear rubber surround...no improvement

Turned out water was entering through the small figure 8 piping at the bottom of the front quarter window and someone used masking tape to seal the vapor barrier. Masking tape just soaked the water up and gave way over time. Water was running down through the vapor barrier seal, in between the door & door trim onto the carpet :angry:.

Replaced figure 8 piping, replaced electric window switch boot seals (1 was torn and corroding terminals), fitted a diversion flap over the back of the speaker (just in case), fitted new vapor barriers and sealed them with more robust (non-absorbent) tape along with flexible caulking.

PRESTO! no more water coming in :P

Lubed all the mechanisms whilst the door trim was off and fully lubed the rails. This fixed slight window rattle and the door pulls are smooth as, inside and out!

Only need to sort out my heater fan issue now :huh:


Peter Stepo

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FYI - For cleaning out the sunroof drain holes I've always found plastic whipper snipper cord pretty handy. It has the right level of "bendability" without running the risk of scratching paint etc.



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