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Turbo Bitties & EFI


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Hi Guys,


Just an open search if anyone has any parts kicking around from EFI or Turbo Conversion projects, I am slowly collecting parts for a future conversion so if anyone has anything feel free to PM or Post and I may be willing to take them off your hands.


Cheers, Nico


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Trigger wheel is easy. Either D-zug or Clewett engineering. Clewett do a great kit that covers the crank angle sensor mount and wheel. 

When I thought I had a sensor problem with my car they couldn't of been more helpful. The advantage of the D~zug pulley is it's quite a bit lighter than anyone else's. The CNC work was top notch from both companies. 

What kind of power are you looking at? If around the say 500hp mark some Bosch super6 36lb injectors are a on the mark for what you need. Also being high impedance the will work well with most quality EFI systems. (read not from the USA)


I've got a set of stock 930 headers I can sell you cheap otherwise to get it up and running grab some cheap'o OBX headers off Ebay. Whilst my Fadspeed headers are great they do end up cubic bucks once you add import duties etc. 

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