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1983 Melbourne Motor Show Porsche stand- images sought

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I'm seeking help, does anyone have any images of the Porsche stand at the 1983 Melbourne Motor Show ?


I've recently acquired what Porsche have confirmed as the first 911 Cabriolet to come to Australia (Oct '82 build) and it was understood to have been on the Hamilton's stand at this show.

I have the program but it was printed in advance so has no images of the actual stand, and I've bought a few period Wheels and Modern Motors but no pics of the Porsche stand sadly.

The show was held at the Royal Exhibition building, March 10 to 20th, 1983.

Thanks in advance



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can't remember whether this went to alan hamiltons wife or a lady named carol alpar?

is it red?

It's GP white with linen/tan and a black roof. Porsche Cars Aust have advised it was the first RHD Cab chassis here, and there always was an intimation that it was the motor show car; however the books list it as having been delivered on 17.2.83. So, it just might not be as it was with it's first owner a month before the Motor Show, although early cars do often get 'lent' for such events.


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