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So after paying a guy in America to obtain my COA a day ago...........

Today.... on good authority........

I hear there is an advert in a current German P car magazine suggesting for a lazy 200 Euro Porsche can once again send you a copy of your Kardex!

You have to send them your VIN and engine numbers with the money.

They banned the practice years ago as low life's where using the info to rebirth cars.

Seems they are over it now and they have moved on.

I would tell you more but that is all I know at this stage.

I'll show off my COA when I get it, lord knows you will never get one in Australia.


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Certificate of Authenticity - Ferrari owners are all over them too, We get 'Certificate of Ownership' in Australia

with the Kardex's, if you get one i'd be keen to see what they look like - is it the same as the Mercedes one with all sorts of random holes etc?

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Sorry "Certificate Of Authenticity"

As I understand it after the factory stopped issuing Kardex's (build sheets) they went to a token form of info called a COA.

I could have the details wrong as I don't claim to be an expert on the matter. Though that is how I understand it.

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