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I'm on holliday in France and have been looking at prices in Europe as well as UK. Based on what I have seen, even with the recent sky high price rise we have had. It looks like we are still doing well. There are a few Carrera 3.0 for sale all around $150k au, even 3.2 are 45 to 60000 Euro and long hoods well the sky's the limit ! There are the odd deals on less desireble models but on the hole nothing cheep. Of course there ar a loot more cars to choose from, lots 964's 2's ect but also around $100k au, by the time you factor in shipping, duty ect is it worth it ? I was keen on buying a Carrera 3 and there is a mint one availible but by the time its in my garage it would owe me a fortune.

The best deals are on newer models, 997 and 991 are very resonable. Unfortunatly I'm not so keen on them. So for all of us complaining about prices , we should be happy as its seems what we pay is on par with there prices just in a diferant currency.


PS excuse my spelling ! I'm dislexic and spell check is not working

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