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996 turbo X50


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911 Turbo X50450 PS (331 kW) @ 6000 rpm, 3.6L dry-sump4.0 s192 mph (309 km/h)


From what i have read they were an $18000 USD upgrade, which wouid be $50000 out here in Oz ;) Worth about 22Kw in grunt If it is Genuine it should be one of the codes on the cars list , And i do not think there many in Oz .

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Yep.... Rare alright,

so rare it's not even printed on option tag.....

told dealer to go f$&k himself for writing misleading adds..... 

I was pretty disapointed, car was a shit heap as well . Totally neglected. 

Ill start my turbo hunt again

thanks for the reply tomo 

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