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SC Suspension Refresh


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There's enough good threads on how to refresh the bushings/shocks so I thought I'd show what the old bushings looked like after I pulled them out.

There were some sporadic squeaks coming from the front end, the left torsion bar adjustment cap to be precise as well as a minor knocking from the rear as I'd leave my driveway. The car would also occasionally feel a bit loose on the highway and had a bit more body-roll than I expected. I couldn't see much evidence of bushing replacements in the cars history so thought I'd dive in as well as replace the F&R sway bar bushings, new front ball joints and a set of Koni's adjustables all round.

Here was the front



Front control arm bushing - This was allowing the torsion bar to drop a little and the end adjustment cap would rub against the crossmember on one side


Rear - This was after the cover plate was removed. You can see the deformed bushing which was allowing the cover plate to touch the spring plate and make the knocking sound.  


The process was straightforward but I had big drama's removing the rear right torsion bar from the spring plate, had to cut a hole in the cap (which also wouldn't come off) then use a big gear puller. The front ball joints were also fused to the front struts and only came out after the purchase of a big ball joint remover. I did have some joy with my new rattle gun which made short work of some of the larger nuts around the place, without it some of the rear eccentric bolts would have probably remained stuck.

Here's the refreshed parts:



Lastly, reset the ride height to proper euro levels and had the car aligned locally for now.

Overall it was a flaming turd of a job. Dirty, frustrating due to the stuck bolts/parts and time consuming. It took 3-4 full days but 2 of those days were spent removing stuck components so if you had some luck, it'd be done in half the time.

First drive impressions are quite good, the car is much more compliant and stable around my local streets. I haven't given it a good run through any twisties but I'm aiming to do that this weekend and will report back. 



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Thanks Peter, I got most of the kit from Automotion and a few extra items from Sierra Madre. Went with standard rubber bushings (Neatrix rears and Uro fronts), the Koni's were the Boge retrofit kind up the front. 

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Appreciate the info Dusty,

That's the same front shocks I need to get. I am thinking Elephant racing for the bushes and strut brace with SuperPro specifically for the sway bar and engine mounts. I am sure my wheel alignment guru will cringe as he insisted rubber all round, but I figure just the sway bar won't ruin the ride too much (he says wishfully)

Enjoy that lovely ride!


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Good work Dusty.  I understand how much of a PIA that job can be.  I had similar issues with torsion bars not wanting to come out easily.

Looks like you have it sorted.  Getting a car driving and handling right is very rewarding - I'm sure you'll enjoy taking it out this weekend.


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Glad you got through it unscathed! I tore the base of my nose apart using a tyre lever to get the rear spring plate bushing off - and have the scar to prove it.

Mine showed the classic "cold creep" that happens to loaded rubber. 

Old next to new for comparison. These cars deserve to be brought back to factory specs and no rubber lasts >25 years.



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