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The 931 who owned owns or ogles


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Curious it been the 40 year anniversary and I noted a landslide of interest (3) in an earlier post to attend a 924 get together.

But really should the 924 in all its varied guises (admittedly a 924 auto or any auto excepting my Sporto...) be that maligned? Does owning to this desire that dare not be named conclude your complete lack of hirsute  moustachioed machismo. Could Tazzie be Tazzie without, can Sven in platforms stretch his tall frame comfortably? 

The 924 certainly comes with pedigree, design stylin and great late 70's colour choices, like MY luscious MOCHA BLACK SC


 Sure no powerhouse in N/A mode but neither is my 2.7. Did Rod own a 924 two tone with tartan inserts I'm betting.

Who had one as they're first Porsche, who is owning one who is jostling to buy one? 


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