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Rennsport swap meet - car boot sale

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iI'm heading to Rennsport and am thinking I might take accumulated parts and sundries for sale or swap.

i'll post some info here and perhaps others may want to also?

Some of what I've got:

aluminum S engine lid 

NOS carello biodes

mint (used) marchal amplilux

eibach coil set for 964

Pre 73 Trailing arms fresh  powdercoat have new elephant racing inner control arms fitted.

New yellow sports koni adjustables 

New koni red classics

New 996 air filter 

Steering wheels 

other stuff

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Hi Doug / I'm a bit jammed next weekend as spent most of the long weekend with my head in the engine bay of the Sporto - I'm sailing close to the wind in getting it prepped in time and getting the requisite leave .. ;)

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Really... No one  else open to a bit of weekend horse trading and shilly shallying?

is it fear of porsche litigation or everyone developed obsessive hoarding tendencies.

well you'll know me on the weekend some say I look like this


Or ou may see me standing beside my brownness 


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