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Boxster wheel nuts won't come off....Help


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so...I get my brakes sorted on my new 2001 Boxster S...no...first the wheels have to come off and the front left won't budge..

It's been rattle gunned on so tight my locknut removal socket just cracked when the brake guy tried to get the wheel nut off...

I did some google searching and it seems the best advice is to get rid of those locking nuts!!

The workshop tried a 23mm deep well 12 sided socket to move them but to no avail...

The local tyre place hasn't got the right tools to remove...so what to do?

best I can think is to put a metal sleeve around the locknut removal socket...??

any other suggestions or will this wheel be stuck on for good!!! nooooooooooo....

ps...I have ordered a replacement set of standard wheel nuts to replace the locknuts....if I CAN GET THEM OFF..THAT IS

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Google for a specialist at it in your area.

Or good workshops will know one.

I have a number for a guy on the gold coast.

Oh and they are stupid things. I got rid of mine but I don't leave my car anywhere it can be a victim. 

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If you heat it, it would expand the size of the bolt making it harder to remove until it cools. Heating and cooling could break the hold corrosion has. If I was to heat it, I would spray WD on the washer as it cools to draw it in.

The corrosion will most likely be on the alloy wheel to washer, washer to bolt surfaces.

It may also be cross threaded.

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ok....good news...my guy just called me and he has the offending items off....got replacement non locking ones arriving tomorrow

New rotors/pads etc all fitted

now I can think about the IMS bearing....my clutch is good so I didn't want to do that job yet..

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