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996 - Rear End Nudge


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Meh - Some "dude" in s#%t box ute decided I needed a nudge along in the traffic this week as thing were not moving fast enough for him.

Was low speed and looks like its scratches / scuffs to bumper and lower part of engine lid. 

Shannon's were very helpful and I will be taking it to a local shop recommended by them next week. I do have the option of choosing my own people but my mechanic does not do body work.

After sleeping on it I'm thinking do I need to insist on a "Porsche" specialist or is that totally over the top as I'm assuming the assessor they are using will have enough knowledge about these cars to look in all the right places and make a proper determination in regard to any damage caused?

Like I said it was nudge along rather than a shunt and the car is driving properly.


Cheers - Jim.

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Cheers - All.

Found a guy here near work who specialises in Porsche, mechanical only, he said drop in and he'd let me know if there was any issues other than body work.

just got back - His conclusion was just find a panel beater - no other damage.


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