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Cheapest 924's in the country for sale now


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Pickles on line auctions has two 924's. 

A 1979 and a 1981, neither are write offs. One red, one green. No rego, but they look like they have potential (A bit rough), starting price is $2, located in SA.

My wife says no I can't have one. hopefully someone here grabs them. 




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There's nothing more expensive than a cheap Porsche (even a 924).

Ask me how I know. Parts are not as easy as you might think.

Buy the best one you can afford. $6-8k should get you a good NA. Double that for a Turbo.

Still great value - not fast in straight line, but more than make up for it in the corners. But get ready for 70s era motoring ...

The green one has US bumpers and later model 944 steering wheel for some reason?

The red one looks to be more original (and maybe has a dash that isn't cracked) but is likely a 4 speed. 

I do love these cars, but I just cannot get my head around brown dashboards - unless it's a Datsun or Toyota.

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