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991 Carrera S exhaust

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Hi guys.  

I bought a full cat back system for a 2012 Carrera S I had a little while ago. It's switchable.

If your car has the sports exhaust option, it uses the factory switch.  If not, it has a neat Bluetooth switch that plugs into the cigarette lighter.

Aside from making Cup Cars sound soft when it's open to "Piss The Neighbors Off" setting, on normal it's a little deeper but no more intrusive than standard.

In PTNO setting, it's the best sound ever.

Gives some extra power, saves loads of weight at the back.

Bought new for $11,500 (no one said I was sane).  

Will sell for $6500.00. 

C'mon, you've had the 991 for a couple of years now, it still gets you going but you're thinking ... Is there anything kinky out there to make the curry even hotter?  

The answer is yes.

https://www.akrapovic.com/#!/car/product/super sport/12886?brandId=15&modelId=12&yearId=3866


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