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LHD 69E project FS

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  • I bought this LHD project back in 2007 from Alex Webster (Porsche Classic Melb) but due to a variety of circumstances I'm reluctantly looking to move it on. It's ex west coast US and very solid with no signs of any previous rust repairs and only minor work needed now ( it is 47 years old!)

    Due to space and time issues I haven’t done a lot to the car but I have been buying lots of bits needed to rebuild the car. I had always planned on building a period type hot rod that was registered but SB compliant.

    The car had been hit in the LF corner and I had Chequered Flag ( Melb) pull it straight before shipping it up the Brisbane. The car is currently Sepia with an average fairly old repaint. I have picked some really good front guards, bonnet and front bumper that have reasonable Sepia paint so with minor work the car could be left in this colour. I found some of the original colour of Blue Metallic on top of the dash with the crayon build number and I have protected this with some clear. I have stripped the inside of the car so it is bare metal inside and very solid. When stripping the front trunk area I found some rust at RF tank support area so probed a bit further and found a bit more rust in the RF pan area. The left side that Jason pulled straight is solid but I have new panels for a repair. I also found a very small rust hole at the RR parcel shelf area under the rear screen and again I have some repair sections for this. The only other bits of rust that I am aware if is minor near the jack points. Overall the body is straight and very solid given it’s age. All glass apart from door glass is out of the car but is available. I also removed the wiring harness in preparation for painting the front truck area. It is complete and appears in reasonable condition. Overall the car looks like it was a well maintained driver quality car prior to being hit and then taken off the road. The engine turns over easily and I have kept plenty of lube in it but have never bothered getting it running as I planned to build an "improved S" spec engine and keep the original aside.

    The matching numbers engine (with MFi) is still in the car. It has the same 5 speed manual that was in the car when I bought it (originally Sportomatic) but a bit of research indicated this is likely a modified 914 box as the cross-member to gearbox mount is slightly dodgy. I do have another S/H 911 correct box and cross-member for it. It is fitted with 5.5” steel wheels, Koni shocks and very good SSi headers and STD muffler.

    Depending on what someone wanted to do with the car I can include various parts in a package and sell off the rest. I think it would be a great base for a race car due to the difficulty in sourcing all the correct interior bits for a full restoration but that is up next owner.

    Things like the pedal box, heater/blower ducting etc, MFi fuel pump, gear shift, door scuff plates are all out of the car but available. When I bought the car it was basically complete except for the interior.

    Here is a list of “extra” bits that I could include. Some of the bits I will list a price that these should be worth on the their own.

    New front light assemblies and horn grills and rear lenses.

    New H4 headlights with VG S/H RHD lenses.

    Very good S/H genuine LHD dash with fixed speaker grill.

    Near new ST style seats from Phil/Cylde in leather with cord inserts.

    Rebuilt 10K tacho and 300km speedo from North Hollywood Speedo plus a few other S/H gauges.

    S/H “S” alloy front calipers with rebuild kits.

    S/H 15mm front and rear anti-roll bars.

    S/H 69 3 bar engine grill in pieces but generally good condition (I pulled it apart to clean and straighten a few bars).

    S/H door tops and rear inner ¼ panel trims.

    New ivory headliner.
    5 x deep sixes restored by Harvey Weidman ($6k+). I wouldn’t race with deep sixes and these are too nice for race car.

    S/H timing chain housings and cam boxes.

    Performance/race bits

    Wevo semi-solid engine and gearbox mounts.

    New billet intermediate plate and side cover for a 911 gearbox.

    New light flywheel and high performance clutch supplied by Wevo.

    Restored 69S heads with CNC porting from Steve Weiner (Rennsport) including new valves, springs, titanium retainers etc. Matching rebuilt 69S MFi throttle bodies and stacks ported and tapered to suit heads. I picked up the heads and intakes from Kenik Hassell off ESR when he changed plans but they are considered to be the best set up available with really good flow and velocity rates. Complete set up has to be worth $10k?

    Race prepped mag case again from Kenik. Has been shuffle pinned, oil by-pass mod, case savers etc ($3K).

    Rebuilt SC oil pump with mods by Henry Schmidt ($5-600).

    66mm counter-weighted crank, STD mains and big-ends but needs mains grind.
    I have import papers and letter from Porsche Aus confirming matching numbers and colour etc.

    There are bound to be a few more bits and pieces I have forgot about and I’m open to reasonable negotiation.

    Link to case http://www.early911sregistry.org/forums/showthread.php?50063-FS-Race-prepped-2-liter-mag-case&highlight=short-stroke+2.3

    Link to details on intake http://forums.pelicanparts.com/911-engine-rebuilding-forum/437342-bow-down-might-big-bore-mfi.html

    Link to head detail, ignore the thread title http://www.early911sregistry.org/forums/showthread.php?49753-Extreme-hardcore-head-porn!!!&highlight=heads

    I’m looking at $65K for the complete package.

    I can be contacted on zero four zero seven one six seven four eight one
    I'll try and post some pics when I figure out how to use the platform but happy to email to interested partied.

69E 1.jpg

69E 2.jpg

69E 3.jpg

69E 4.jpg

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Just to clarify, price includes all the bits listed, I simply added a few prices to things as a guide to what the would be worth on their own.

Also trying to load some more pics but keep getting msg saying max download of 30Kb but earlier pics are all bigger?


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Just to clarify, price includes all the bits listed, I simply added a few prices to things as a guide to what the would be worth on their own.

Also trying to load some more pics but keep getting msg saying max download of 30Kb but earlier pics are all bigger?


did you list on typ901? You never know, but maybe even a ebay listing might get some interest from over seas...

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Thx Mike,


yes it is on TPY 901, been a member there for years.

Not keen on ebay etc as don't have time to deal with time wasters and would rather see it go to someone in the P community.



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