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Trade 81 SC for other Pcar

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Hello all,

After 8 years of ownership I've decided that I would like to try something different in the Porsche family. As I've hit my allowable Porsche limit of 2 cars (after 20 years of ownershipo the 924 it gets to stay) I have to find my 911 SC a new home. The conventional method of achieving this goal would be to sell the 911 and then purchase the replacement Porsche. I will do this in the next couple of weeks however thought I'd put feelers out to see if anyone is wanting to go in the reverse era direction to me as there is the potential for a win win.

Some information about my car:

- Australian delivered 911SC with history back to original owner. Odometer kilometres showing 320k km. Lots of receipts which tell the car's story quite well.

- Engine and manual gearbox rebuild about 15k km ago by Porsche specialist in Brisbane. Major service completed 6k km ago.

-  Air conditioning refreshed during engine out with new compressor and all hoses replaced so that the system doesn't need to be recharged every other day.

- Car completed 6k km when I drove in form Queensland to participate in the PFA Tassie tour. Car didn't miss a beat during this trip.

- Car colour is Rosewood metallic (code 474 avail 81/82), interior is brown leather/ leatherette. 

- Car is stock apart from turbo tie rods, chain tensioner mod, air box relief valve and cd player.

What I'd consider to trade:

- Car must be a coupe and have a manual transmission.

- Would consider 964s, 993s, any 911 turbo, any GT2/3. (please note that I truly do like the other P cars out there (I own a 924 after all) however have narrowed my itch down to this general range of cars)

- My preference would be for the car to be stock however will consider a car with some modification work if it makes sense to me.

- I accept that the market value of my car is less than my list above and I am happy to fund the difference. 

I haven't taken my 'car sale' pictures yet and will list it on carsales etc once I have done so.  If you feel we are both looking for the same outcome I'm sure I'll be able to provide any information (including pictures) that will allow you to decide if we want to look more closely at the deal.

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hi bear924 I am thinking of getting a 911, I have got the Cayman, not sure if your interested however I might look at straight purchase.

AndrewW, Tassie tour

phone number in the back of the Tassie tour booklet

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Thanks everyone for their interest little Porsche journey.

Andrew- I had wondered if you'd managed to scratch your air cooled itch, it many ways we are in similar positions with our desires to try something different. I'll give you a ring tonight and we'll see where that takes us, PM me a time if that helps you.

Would you swap for another 924? Lol

When I purchased the 911 I was tossing up over getting a 924CGT, a 928 or a 911. A CGT would still tempt me, however decided that one transaxle car was enough. 924 are such a hoot to drive and provide many of the joys of the older 911s, for the right person, looking for a specific experience they do make for a compelling argument.

@bear924 you should be a good son and give it to your dad. He appeared to enjoy driving it.

It's a nice honest car this one.  ?

Dad had a hoot on the trip and enjoyed the twisties as much as I did. Think we'd both hit our 911 limit after the 16 hour drive home however I'm still enjoying those Tassie roads in my dreams.

Thanks for your positive comment on the 911. I'm of the view that the only bad Pcars are the dishonest ones..... I feel for anyone who buys a car only to find out about all the hidden problems.


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I can only back up the other comments about how good this car is, having followed it on a number of occasions on the tassie trip, it's a great car that can really be used.

Wayne's Dad certainly knows how to pedal it as well :lol:

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