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Porsche D90 (944) wheels x4

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For sale are 4 Porsche D90 wheels with near new wheel hub covers.  16x8 and 16x6 ET 52.3 - will fit 924, 944,928 and others (with adapters). These are second hand and in great condition, just not needed for my 924Turbo.  Asking price $500 firm.

Condition is very good with a few minor imperfections, which have been repaired( pics available)

Unable to upload pics as site has Mb limit.  If interested please Email me and I will send pics and am happy to answer any queries.


Pick up From Mt Eliza

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Hi Adam , those cast alloy D90 wheels are from a 1990 or 1991  964 911 C2 or C4 , the 6" X 16" x 52.3 mm ET were designed just for the 964 ( nothing else ) , and anyone who is resorting a 1990 or 1991 964  , that's who would be interested in those wheels as they are exactly correct

The 944 NA 1982-1986 had 7" X 16" x 23.3 mm ET   front & rear , so the 6" X 16" is too narrow for the 944 & the ET ( offsets ) are way out

The 928 desperately needs at least a 7"' wide wheel on the front , a  6" front wheel on a 928 would induce way too much under-steer , but worse still the 928 series needs a 65mm ET front wheel , and a 52.3mm ET wheel would induce massive tram tracking

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