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SOLD: 996 Coilover Suspension

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Brand new height adjustable Coilovers to suit Porsche 911 996 Carrera 2. 

ST Suspension is the US division of KW Suspension, so these are good quality- not cheap Chinese stuff. These are made in Germany. 

Here is a link to the ST Suspension website. You'll see in the description they are actually manufactured by KW in Germany. 
These are the ST-X model, found here: 
The ST site doesn't list anything model specific for the 996 that I can find... it just redirects you to the KW site. I have a suspicion ST just robbed the KW parts bin to specifically give me a set to suit the 996 

I believe the ST-X is effectively KW Suspensions Variant 1 model , found here for EUR 1,869 which is about $2755 AUD, but they don't ship to Aus... The AUS Distributor for KW (Scuderia-Autoart) lists these at $3229. 

This model is custom valved from the factory, matched to the springs and tuned to suit this model car. It does not have adjustable damping. Height is adjustable 20-40mm front and rear. Axle Load Fr/Rr is 825kg/ 1180kg 

There is a lot more vehicle specific info on the KW site, including confirmation that fitment across both coupe, cab and targa is the same, but not 4wd models, as well as. 

Images are of the actual units for sale. They are brand new and have never been removed from the box. 

I sold the 996 before getting to fit these, and am looking for similar for the 986 Boxster.

They are on Gumtree for $1600.  

If a PFA member wants them,  they can have them for $1000 bottom line. 

A bargain for you, while I'll be spending $2000-3000 to get the same thing that fits my current car.

Pick up from Braeside 3195 or will freight anywhere at cost.





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I'd love to take these off your hands freighted to Sydney.


Sorry I know it looks like I'm a bit of a Johnny come lately but its actually just that I cant log into my old user Joshstix any my password rest emails never come through.

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these were a bargain, i would've bought them and kept them until I got a 996 had i seen this thread!

Yes, Russ! I considered keeping them until I got another 996 one day.  Just seemed stupid looking to spend on a set for my boxster while having a set here I can't use.

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