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915 Gearbox Noise


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Hi all,

My 915 gearbox just started making a couple of "new" noises.

The first noise is an annoying squeak/squeal. I originally thought it was a worn fan belt, but after replacing it the noise still exists.

It was originally only on a cold start but now seems to persist beyond that.

The squeal appears when the clutch is fully released. It only takes a minor touch of the clutch pedal (the slightest pressure that depresses the pedal about 1mm) and, voila, the noise dissapears.

The second is a little more worrying. It appears on cold start but seems to disappear once warm. It is a "woosh" sound when depressing the clutch for the first 25-30% of the pedal travel.

I appreciate the rattles of the 915 when the clutch is released but, as i said earlier, these noises are new. Is it helpful to know that the car has had a layup of about 2 months?

Cheers and TIA.

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