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PCA - 4 stages of IMS failure video

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On ‎29‎/‎03‎/‎2018 at 1:26 PM, Coastr said:

Mis-informative and not for those squeamish about info-commercials

Fixed it for you Coastr.

Self promotion disguised as a documentary detailing the contrived 4 stages to hell that only experts like him know but are willing to share with our vulnerable and fearful M96 engine owners.

Stage 1 due to seal failure and the engine oil washing out the grease.  Really? 

"..seals are attacked by long service intervals, oils mixed with other oils of not the same brand..."  What horseshit.

Engine oil entering the bearing causes "wear".  Really?

Stage 2 to 4 just seem to be different levels of engine contamination due to "ferromagnetic debris".  Really?  Does the magnetism, if at all any, of the ferrous particles contribute to the failure of the bearing?  I don't think so.  What's wrong with just saying "the steel particles from the disintegration of the bearing".  Just because you can use a magnet to help determine the source is just an aside I'd suggest.  Also can you really describe the failure mechanism of a disintegrating bearing as "wear"? 

The  comment that the single row bearing disintegrate quicker that the double rows, when failure commences, surely has to be speculation.  I mean how would Mr Raby have measured this and collected sufficient data to establish a statistical trend?

No mention of the disintegration of the bearing cage due to fatigue.   No interest in discussing the failure mechanism of the races.  No, that's shrugged off as just "wear".

Whilst I acknowledge his good work with some products he has developed, his failure analysis is at best poor and frankly misleading.  Only good tip I could see is if your M96 stops unexpectedly, don't try to restart.  But he didn't need 25 minutes to tell us that unless he was actually there for another reason.....

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