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WTB Period 70's Sports Seats

Cam Arnott

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Looking for something along the lines of GTS Classics, BF Torino etc - ST, Rally, RSR, Rallye 2 etc

Prefer something with a  harness slot in the base.

Houndstooth would be a bonus! Seat heaters would be really good as well!!

I have a pair of Recaro SE seats in black that I can trade.

PM or mobile 0437 seven one eight 889

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there is GTS classics 




vintage seats 



And there was a member on the site who did a lot of RS , R ,ST and RSR reproduction parts but for the life of me I cant remember who it was .....???

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Thats ,him thanks Lee,,,,, he may have good local contacts on period seats as I know the seats in the sites above may require a second mortgage to afford ......:Chuckle2:

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