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Le Mans 24 hr

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 Bastard 😉

I've been wanting to go to the TT for years. A mate now rides for the Honda factory team, Davo Johnson. Go and say gday, as he's a top lad and happy to chat 

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Yeh, lucky bastard.

been to Le Mans 5ish times, started early 90s last would be around 2001 (omg it does not feel that long ago).

Things may have changed but camping facilities were hideous in all times we went ((Blanc Bleu camp site, opposite the main entrance) take plenty of arse roll paper & be at one with nature. Forget showering.

i think there are now some more civilised options (glamping etc) but these are advanced bookings usually.

get to Arnage corner (named after me :D) especially at night. You get to see the trees light up as they come from Mulsane corner through Indianapolis into the complex, brake discs bright orange, exhaust spitting flames, f'ing ace. Usually a good food/drink arrangement there to. My favourite place to be, ever.

I think they run buses now to various vantage points around the circuit. Arnage is a must see in my opinion, as are Porsche Curves (difficult to get near).

Cool trip, TT & Le Mans in one hit, excellent.



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