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Porsche 930 special interior

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My buddy and I have recently gone 1/2s in a 1977 3.0liter 930 turbo. It’s an Aussie delivered car that’s been hidden for a while and we’ve now got the “widow maker” back on the road. 

Porsche Australia have told me the interior color was originally blue (but now painted black) with a dress Mackenzie beige interior. 

I have identified this car as being built adjacent in serial number to a martini car (last photo). I can see the original blue on the edge of the door cards and it seems to match this martini car interior photo. 
In the parabolica press 930 3.0 turbo book, It identifies the color 3AG see photo which was a special leather color for the 930 according to my parabolica press 3.0 turbo book m

I’m trying to find out exactly what this color was to coordinate an interior restoration.  I’m in contact with world upholstery as well as classic9leathershop who have both suggested I send them a sample  

Also if anyone has experience sourcing trimming from abroad or a great local contact please let me know.

or if you want any details on your car from my book let me know. 





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Try ... www.werk924.com

They have most of the fabrics supplied by Porsche. I have bought from them and can vouch for their service.

The site is in German but on the right hand side is a "shop" tab. You can use Google translate if you need to ... :D

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Have you tried to remove the black paint? It might give you a bigger swatch to play with ...

Also, check out the upholstery options from other models of that year ... it would have probably been available across the range ...

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Not certain if this helps you in any way but one of the books I have on the 930 lists the following Interior details ...order codes or part no..

Leather 999.551.073.40 optional


Orange , brown , green , blue  ,dark brown , tan , black  ,mid brown , red , white

Dress Mackenzie beige  999.551.083.40


Velour pile 999.551.075.41


Yellow . dark green , burgundy , tan , dark blue grey  


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