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Mike 66

Seam sealer or something different?

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I am about to re do the underbody sealer in th rear wheel well and am wondering what “sealer” was used the bridge the gap between the outer rear fender/wing and the main internal body panel as it meets the rear window and moves towards the roof? The picture shows the outside of the area and the area underneath is where I am talking about. The “sealer” needs to bridge a gap of about 30mm I do remember pulling out some very hard stuff but I don’t think this was seam sealer or body Schutz? Any recommendations please ?





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yep we use it in the building game The make a great range of quality polyurethanes to suit many applications :)

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Thanks all.

i bought the sika 221 today and ran it up into the gaps.. stood up well and easily covered the gap.  will run some Schutz over it tomorrow 

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