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FS - 911SC Suspension Bits + Flag Mirrors

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Hi everyone,

Yes, it's time for my annual purge of items which I'm replacing on my 911.  Aren't I great member?  Perhaps one day when I get the car running again I'll be a bit better...

ANYWAY, take advantage of my stupidity enthusiasm to upgrade, and see if any of these items suit your needs! 

First up, sway-bars, which I believe are 20mm front, 18mm rear.  Need a bit of cleaning up, perhaps a new coat of paint.



Looking for $100 each, or nearest offer.

Next, front torsion bars.  I believe these are 18.8mm (19mm) - also needs a bit of love, but seem intact.  Torsion bar adjusters NOT included (but pictured.)


Looking for $200 for the set, ONO.

Front Boge shock inserts.  Appears to have Part No: 1020132388

Took these off only because of the wider upgrades I have planned, but despite their age - they seemed to work well.  Ditto for the rears (that follows)



$100, ONO.

Rear Boge shocks.  Appears to have Part No: 10201-32 250-F

They look a bit rough around the edges, but worked well.



Also looking for $100, ONO.

Finally, a set of flag mirrors and bases (for RHD cars) - the electric motors don't work very well.  I did test them.

There is some movement, so perhaps it's salvagable - I doubt it.   It never functioned on the car.

I saw this as an opportunity to upgrade to something more asthetically pleasing (think: Vitaloni Sebrings) on my hot-rod project.

Either way, the mirrors may yet help someone with their project, so here they are:



I'd like to get about $100 for them as well.  ONO.

That's about it for now.

I'm located in the Melbourne South-Eastern suburbs, prefer pick-up and cash.

I can use the local "Pack and Send" to ship bits interstate.  That's my preference - they're close to me at work, and they're reliable.

If anything tickles your fancy, please reply or PM me.








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