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Home built supercharger

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Nothing new about it there are proper after market kits you can buy of ebay that work in a similar way and are claimed to deliver HP gains via a electric fan motor pushing air in the airbox ,,,,,,some of these silly things are as much as $300 for the kit and are generally aimed at the japanese performance market  ...torque amp is one brand I remember :rolleyes:

Lots of Video on you tube also great entertainment  :Chuckle2:



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"The wannabe bush mechanic had fitted an ordinary Black and Decker leaf blower to act as a makeshift supercharger...The driver was also alleged to have tested positive for methamphetamine"

No, really?


I seem to recall something about the turbos on modern F1 cars being driven, at least in part, by the electric motor. Maybe he is onto something after all :lol:

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