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Aus 3.0L case (SC) question

Both Feet Down

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21 hours ago, Both Feet Down said:

Hey all,

just wondering if our Australian 3.0 SC cases are the same as the EU 930/SC cases? Or do we have the same 3.0 cases as US market?

Thanks in advance.

I'm curious.. what is the physical difference between a usa case and euro or aus cases?

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Hey Mike,

building a 2.8l short stroke motor, the 2.0/2.2l 66mm crank will only slot in a 930 case due to the main bolts, however the EU 3.0l SC case is apparently similar in this regard and can be built as a SS, but the US case can’t.

I’m sure someone more knowledgeable than me may chime in with finer details.


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My understanding is that all SC's and 3.3 Turbos used the same cases irrespective of ROW or US.

A quick Google shows the only difference between the cases was how they were assembled into complete engines.  Some SC's had small port heads, others had large ports. Some came with air injection, others didn't.  That variation in "type" is shown above in the table.  Similarly, the Turbos' came with 24 Delivar studs and the 3.0 (& the later 3.2's) came with 12 steel and 12 Delivar.

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