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1983 SC Convertible

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Does anyone know anything about this car?  Comments also welcome!


A friend of mine is looking at it.  He wants a convertible.

Being sold by a dealer with limited history.  Looks like non factory wide body with some other minor cosmetic mods.

I don't generally follow the convertible market so not sure if this is priced right, and how the wide body mod will affect value.


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Cabs are so (relatively) cheap I’d look for an original unmodified Aussie delivered car. 

The yellow 3.2 on carsales looks to be in great condition (and I don’t even like yellow). 

SC cabs are unique though, first year, single year, simple/light manual roof.  

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Thanks for the feedback.  As it turns out, the one I posted is a 1987.  My friend sent me the VIN.  He emailed PCM today to get the factory spec.

I'll have a look at the others on carsales.  I agree that an Aussie car would be the best option.

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