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Small business/personal injury insurance

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 I've been with Allianz for years with house and contents, vehicles, everything, and they've always been great to deal with, yet they've just advised they're no longer providing the personal injury and sickness portion of their small business insurance package I have.

 I'd prefer to stay with Allianz for non work related insurance, so I'm on the hunt for personal injury/sickness or a whole small business package. Any recommendations for a sole trader? 

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 Try MGA Insurance brokers in Dulwich  Home - MGA Insurance Group.

I use them for public liability ins.

Used to have income protection with them but as a roofer and an older one at that! premiums are meant to put you off as they're so high.

Now i just keep a couple of months cash in reserve just incase. Like at the moment, nearly 6 months off with shoulder surgery.

Jobkeeper was very good timing in my case.



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3 hours ago, sjm said:

56 here, not old as in lifetime old but as a roofer, gutterer ( is that a word ) old. Should have paid more attention in school!

 Mate, I know some guys younger than me in office jobs who look 10 years older, and would have a hearty at the very thought of any sort of tradie job I do, which is carpentry/cabinetry/gpyrock maintenance mainly.

 Started pulling some roof sheets off a pergola last Friday for our painters to access high eaves. Sketchy as f..k, so we laid sheets of 16mm ply for them to stand on instead 😁 Roofing is an art best left for the pro's 👍

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