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3.2 Carrera Engine Rebuild Suggestions

Mike D'Silva

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I have a 3.2 engine sitting waiting to be rebuilt. (my own motor)

The plan was to turn it into a bit of a monster and then to find another old car that needed a motor.. however, now I'm thinking to rebuild it closer to stock. The problem is, if I cannot find a car that needs an engine, then I will have to sell it. 

With that in mind, what would be more desirable; completely stock, or a little modified.

When I say modified, the most I think I would do is 98mm pistons, and bigger cams, and potentially having the throttle body bored. 

Or maybe a set of 95mm 10.5:1 compression pistons; USA peeps tell me thats way too much compression for single plug, but most locals seem to be fine with it here. 

Or maybe a set of 95mm 9.5:1 or have some custom 10:1 made up?

I've not disassembled the motor yet,  so do not even know if it has nikasil or alusil cylinders. If it has alusil, then it will need to be re-plated and then going up in bore seems to be a given. I was keeping a set of perfect 95mm nikasil cylinders for myself but have ended up using in a build for someone else.

But I do have access to a set of 95mm 10.5:1 with cylinders for relatively affordable and this could be a sensible option but am slightly concerned with not going twin plug. 




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I suggest you don't invest any time or money into it until you have a firm order with cash deposit down or you have secured an engineless car and you have a clear direction in mind.

I say this as changing course mid stream costs so much extra unnecessarily as I've learnt first hand. 

I also think building to order avoids the hassle of keeping a fresh engine clean and potentially having to partially disassemble to prove the quality of the build to a potential buyer at a latter date.

Sorry, I'm being boring and pragmatic and just don't want you wasting money that would be better spent on Ducati's!

As for modifying 3.2's, I haven't come across any compelling evidence that boring the TB gives any more power except to give more responsiveness.  With regard twin plugging, I think that should be one of the first modifications to any Megzer irrespective of size and compression ratio, especially if they are being EFI'ed anyway as that makes this worthy improvement very affordable.


Although if you want to go ahead, here is some inspiration for you:

Modified 3.5L Porsche 911 Flat-Six Engine and 915 Transaxle for sale on BaT Auctions - sold for $70,914 on June 17, 2021 (Lot #49,770) | Bring a Trailer

Check out the price it sold for!


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