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Custom matt recreation / upholsters? 3.2 Carrera


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Does anyone know if there is a company in Australia that will/can recreate the mats for a 3.2 911. I would actually supply the existing mats as a template - the reason is that I cannot match the Navy blue in my '88 to online sources like 911 Designs etc - so I am hopeful someone locally will have a closer colour match when they can eye it against their samples. 

Thoughts / suggestions?

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Have you tried Prostitch?

Classic British & German Automotive Restoration Textiles - Carpet Cut Length (prostitch.com.au)

1 hour ago, Dteahan said:

@Peter M thanks mate - have checked them out but they just do full carpet sets. My interior carpet is actually in pretty good nick - just the mats have had it (particularly driver side front!)

I suggest you call them or at least email.

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45 minutes ago, TDW911 said:

but from a quick search they might do other colours.


They do have a Navy blue. But felt it a little too bright compared to the 38 year old carpet they would sit on, which is why I went light grey...

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