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Late 3.2 Carrera passenger seat

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I have a late 3.2 Carrera passenger seat in black. This seat is in outstanding condition and almost zero signs of wear. I have found a set of period correct seats for my 2.7 so this is surplus to my needs. rails not included as I need them for the new set I have purchased.





0438 383 068







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Are you sure it’s a late model 3.2 Carrera seat?

The tilt lever looks lower than std height.

3.2’s normally have more horizontal inset panels.

I’ve not seen the round cog for adjusting the angle like that before, 3.2’s usually have a cover in that location and angle is adjusted either electrically or by a lever at the front under the base.

Good price for what looks like a quality seat but just not sure about what it’s from, maybe overseas model 🤷‍♂️

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From a quick google search the late Carrera 3.2 had this knob and some have the lower tilt lever. As for the pattern, I didn’t seem to find anything similar. Not far off 993 but  slightly different seat shape.
Probably destined to be a cool office chair I think if it doesn’t sell.

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