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Here she is, back from QLD in one mad piece.

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Hey I'm Trav, this is "Frosch" I'm new to the site, new to 911, new to Porsche, she is just new to me.......

Wanted and waited for so long, but last my first 911. Pre 80's (Check), Carrera (Check), Targa (Check), Non-molested (Check), Not red (Check), 20h drive to bring her home (Awesome).

New to 911's chasing advice, I guess you have all been there.

Hope to get out and see some of these epic cars in the flesh.





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Hey Trav,

I'm LOVING that metallic green colour!

We got a convoy heading down to the Philip Island Classic saturday week if you're interested, and then a couple of other events in the pipeline for the near future so you won't have to wait too long.



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Welcome aboard Trav and "Frosch",

Nice looking IB, nice colour (I'm biased).

Door gaps look tight and even which I hope reflects well on the rest of the bodywork. :D

Feel free to join us on one of our "events".


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Hi Trav,

Welcome to the forum and I love the targa. I am one of the few that doesn't get hung up on the water cooled Vs air cooled debate and simply loves anything with the Stuttgart badge. So, as a water cooled owner, I still adore a 'pedals in the floor' air cooled 911. Look forward to meeting you soon.


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Hi Trav

Nice Targa you have there. Looking forward to meeting you and the frog. Its good to have another Targa on the forum, perhaps we can exchange a few Targa roof leak comparisons sometime. Its not a Targa unless it leaks!!! LOL! ;)

Frank 964 (targa) (red) :)

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