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911 SC 3.0L stock engine value

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What would be a ball park figure for a 911 SC 3.0L Stock engine from 1981.  I've just rebuilt the engine but may be changing direction with my project and considering the engine's value.

I haven't yet carried out compression numbers or leak-down tests, so maybe a price range based on good and bad numbers?


Complete engine with CIS box.  It has a custom stainless exhaust, but unsure it would fit a Porsche car given the engine is currently in a VW Kombi, so assume no exhaust



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3 hours ago, P-Kay said:

approx $15000 even more based on what's done would be my guess

checkout eBay for some pricing inspiration

I’ll take two at that price. Realistically worth 20k + depending on leak down/ comp test and rebuild status. The older the mag case engines get, the more these aluminium case engines are worth and they don’t come up very often these days. 

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