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Mobile Phone Holders for G body 911

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A friend of mine who is savvy with a 3D printer has been making these holders for the G Body 911 (2.7, 3.0. 3.2) and early 964. (I think we are up to version 34 now)

It clips onto the ashtray and allows the phone to sit in the landscape position. Handy for google maps, or WAZE, and also for your music tracks. If you have a stero with a USB port, it's easy to connect for charging etc. 

One of the key benefits of using this as opposed to a holder that sits on top of the dash, or sticks to your window, is the phone is not affected by the heat from direct sunlight. Also, it doesn't obscure the already small windscreen.

I use mine every time I drive. We've sold a few and everyone's quite happy with how they work. The design allows various mobile phones to fit. We haven't come across one that doesn't fit yet.

The difference between cars and fittings, is the design of the ashtray. In the pics below, the black ashtray is what is in a 2.7, 3.0 and early 3.2. The red ashtray is what is in later 3.2 and early 964. After that, we don't have an item that works... sorry.

Send me a PM with any questions. 

Price is $90. If you don't like it, send it back within 2 weeks for a full refund.











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