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SC wiring...the angry birds nest


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Afternoon all,

I have some 45 year old wiring fun ahead of me. The under dash is a bit of a birds nest...very angry birds I think.. I have a few questions and am looking forguidance and advice on the following;

  • first up, what gauge are the wires used for most under dash?
  • Does anyone have recommendations/brands on where to get the correct coloured replacements?
  • Does anyone have any recommendations on specific wiring tools, preferred crimp /connector types e.g bullet or spade?
  • any recommended best practices e.g. bullet crimp or crimp and solder?

thanks in advance.

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Being at the tail end of this task, I can share my experience.

I am not confident you can find the identical wire colouring (without breaking the bank), although there is a local (Australian) company that you can purchase any colour combination wires. Chaser is along the wire versus across. [first link]

Get familiar with the wiring diagrams - [second link] 

Use a proper crimper [example in last link] and grab the appropriate joiners that suit. I would recommend against solder and don't use those dodgy red/blue bullet connectors. I used a raw spade bit and simply heat shrunk over it and it looks pretty darn close to factory! 






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Chris, have a chat to Ringers about availability of such stuff locally.  As well as being an ace mechanic he is also a master at building wiring looms, so may well be able to provide good advice and even supply materials for you.  He's very adept at air-cooled wiring too. so would be a great font of knowledge.

He had my 996 while we were away and it now has a nice loud switchable exhaust, which involved him building a couple of control boxes etc, as the supplied ones didn't work.  You'll have to hear it Sat night if we don't catchup beforehand 🙂 

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